Big benefits for small business

Small business payroll services, Spend less time on payroll, more time on your business Whether you’re looking to outsource payroll for the first time, or are thinking about switching from another payroll provider, we can help make payroll for small business effortless.

The engagement and performance of your employees can determine the success of your small business. Through our partnership with ADP®, we offer HR, compliance and employee benefits to help you better manage administrative tasks, attract and retain employees and navigate compliance risk.

Save time and be more productive by utilizing powerful tools that integrate with payroll, so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

Services we offer

HR Solutions

Minimize time spent on employee-related paperwork and
compliance responsibilities.

● HR Business Advisors help address employee management
challenges and offer best practices on compliance with employment and HR rules

● Resources and wizards to help you create and update your employee handbook and job descriptions

● Tools and resources for improving employee engagement, performance and productivity

Pay-by-Pay® Workers’ Compensation*

Manage your cash flow more efficiently by integrating your Worker’s Comp Premium Payments with payroll.

● Eliminate upfront premium deposits and have more
accurate premium calculations

● Simplified workers’ comp premium administration
minimizing audit complexity

Time and Attendance

Nearly 2/3 of organizations cite the use of workforce data to help with scheduling, improving employee engagement and solving strategic business issues.**

● Reduce labor costs, improve pay accuracy, increase work
productivity, and manage wage and hour compliance

● Flexible time collection options and integrated mobile technology
to make it easy for employees to enter their hours

Retirement Services

Offering a retirement plan can increase talent retention
and improve employee workplace satisfaction.

● Automate contributions and money movement
and simplify retirement administration paperwork, while providing a benefit that can help you attract and retain skilled workers

● Flexible investment platforms that support both the fiduciaries and plan participants, and meet compliance requirements